Stay safe and Deal safely on

Here, you can find a piece of advice that’ll help you to deal safely with your Seller / Buyer.

Ensure your safety

Make the transaction in your regular area. Meet the seller directly, confirm the item altogether, and afterward pay the cost when completely fulfilled. Use Doorstep Delivery where the service exists and have the item conveyed straightforwardly to you. Transact goods and cash simultaneously. 

  • Buyers – Don’t pay before you get the item. 
  • Sellers – Do not send any goods before you get the cash. 

Utilize your senses. Dodge any sort of amazing offer, for example, a proposal at an unfathomably low cost or a guarantee to bring in cash quickly. 

By no means you should unveil your financial data. For example, your financial balance, digital payment system, e-banking and whatever other data that could be misused.


Beware of scams and fraud

Phony or fake money related to services: doesn’t give any financial advantages or security. Inform us as to whether you have gotten any such messages/emails. Refrain any kind of online financial service provider or delegate site except if you are 100% certain. 

Application for phony or counterfeit data: never sends messages/emails more than your own data. Try not to tap on any connection where you are messaged/emailed to give subtleties of your own data to us. Kindly let us know quickly and erase that email. 

Application for payment of fake or phony fees: Try not to pay extra to purchase or sell your item or administration. doesn’t charge a fee for offering fundamental services and doesn’t charge a fee for providing basic services that are not situated inside Bangladesh, so import and business expenses will never apply. 

[N.B: We’ll not be responsible for any other transactions that haven’t made through our gateway]


Informing about security issues

If you figure out that you might be a victim of fraud, please report it immediately to us at ([email protected]). In the event that you have been deceived, you are also encouraged to contact your neighborhood police headquarters. is focused on securing clients’ privacy and thus, client data isn’t revealed to everybody. However, we will help our users if they demand any data from the police administration about their duty to security and hence their contribution to misrepresentation or other crimes.