Frequently Asked Questions

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You can easily ‘sign up’ using your Google, Facebook, or Instagram account directly or via Email Address by providing your information

Just tap on the change password button and it will want you to select your email or user id to get a password reset message in your email, (You provided during sign up). Use the email link to reset your password or Contact us

Posting an advertisement on BdDeal is easy and simple! Just tap the Post Ad button and go through the guidelines. 

You need to be signed in, you should sign in as the initial step of posting your advertisement. 

Your Ads will go live in 24hrs once it has been approved by

To remove your ad, go to your ‘Ads listing page’ from your account and tap on the "remove ad" that you want to remove.

Editing an ad is now easier, just visit your ‘Ads listing’ page and tap on the "Edit ads" button. Now edit what you want to.

Content which will promote politics, nudity, out of the context post, has no relation with bddeals, offensive language, blank content, visual is not clear, no proper details of your ads then it will be rejected. Doing it more than thrice will cause you a ban for 1 month or permanently.

Log in to your account and go to your account dashboard then "Account Details" section. There you will find a few options to edit your account information. 

Yes. Just send us an email from the Contact page. As soon as possible (within 24hrs - 48hrs) we’ll remove your account from our site.

Please reach us through contacts or mail us at [email protected] We will assist you as soon as possible.

If you are not being responded to, we recommend you take a look at our tips on how to sell quicker.

BdDeals is earning from their ad buying, commission on paid promotions, and ads from other paid partners.

Just create an Account on and then go to the Post Your Ad and follow the next instructions to post your Ads..

If you are having trouble logging in to your account, please check that you have:

Entered the correct email address and password to enter.
And verified your mail properly.
(If you are still facing problems accessing your account, please contact us. We are ready to help you right away.)

Every month you’ll get a number of FREE Ads. And every month it’ll renew. But if you need more than free ads, then you can purchase from our Subscription plan.

 BdDeals has a built-in chat option. If you are really interested in that particular product and want to contact the seller. Just press the “Chat Now” button. Send your queries and wait to hear back from him/ her again.